Wiser: explore your life’s purpose and meaning

Everyone is looking for answers. What we really need are better questions.

Wiser at AUT is a welcoming, intimate space for AUT students - designed for conversation, connection and reflection on the ups and downs of being human. We run a regular programme of talks, workshops, rituals and social events to explore how we can develop better self-knowledge and a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives.

In 2020, we're offering 20 AUT students an opportunity to take part in a leadership programme that will support you to be successful in your studies and career. Set effective goals, develop your creativity and resilience, and build your confidence and communication skills.

Workshops and programmes

Our events are open to current AUT students.

You are what you choose! Make better decisions

We all have decisions we regret and agonise over making the 'right' ones. How do we create a personal formula for making better decisions?

Making Better Decisions is a workshop in understanding your decision-making style. We'll examine when to rush ahead, and when to pause and reflect.

We'll consider when to look to others, and when to trust ourselves. We don't have all the answers. But you'll leave feeling more secure in the face of life's very certain uncertainties.

Do all habits really need to be kicked?

We all have habits we'd like to stop, and new ones we'd like to form: how do we make this happen?

The Building Better Habits workshop takes an ambitious but humane look at how we make and break habits.

We'll address the benefits of incremental change vs paradigm shift. Working from where we are now, we'll consider how to start, tools to keep going and even when to give up.

Be the zen you wish to see in the world

How do I beat feeling overwhelmed? How do I bring a sense of calm no matter what is going on around me?

Busyness in itself isn't bad. We want to lead full and productive lives. But how can we avoid the debilitating panic that comes with having too much to do? How can we plot a path through the noise and confusion of everyday life?

The Beating Busy workshop will help you learn to notice stress in your body, identify why you might be struggling and practice some concrete exercises to help.

Values speak louder than words!

"Live your values!" It sounds so simple. Then why are so many choices so hard to make?

What do you value? What really matters to you? Articulating your values is no easy matter but they guide every decision you make.

Invest time now in the Values Driven Life workshop to think deeply about understanding the compass inside you that helps you stay true to yourself.

Should you focus on your career path or life path?

If you're not careful, life will just happen to you. How do you get concrete about the dream life you want to be living and design it into reality?

In the Design Your Life workshop we'll introduce you to some great tools that will help you get clear on what it is you want from your one precious life, and how to experiment with different possible scenarios of where you could take it.

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If you're a current AUT student and you're interested in one of our workshops or programmes, email the Wiser team and include your student ID number.